Discussion on cross-country motorcycle driving skills
  Time£º2012/7/10 14:57:59     
ill should body centre of gravity move forward, the upper body in prone position on the handlebar, front wheel up to prevent, at the same time, we should pay attention to proper rearward direction to pullthe waist, increase the rear wheel load, avoid wheel spin, thus done in one vigorous effort on the top and middle, don't stop, must be efforts to adhere to in the end, here, insist to the end confidence is very important. When the off-road motorcycle arrived at the top of the hill, should rapidly bent legs, at the same time to slow down.

Downhill should try to decelerate to travel. The brakes should be after the brake, used for auxiliary brake.

When the slope of arms and legs must be straight, waist to pull back,centre of gravity to move backward. In order to avoid obstacles occurred when the front vehicle forward. At the same time as little as possible torsion handlebar, should also be done in one vigorous effort downhill, which can maximally avoid roll-over, smooth downhill.

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