Discussion on cross-country motorcycle driving skills
  Time£º2012/7/10 14:57:59     

Want good driving off-road motorcycle, will face the sharp turn, bumps, slip, vacated may, in these cases it is easy to lose balance. In order to maintain the balance, the driver must timely by sitting, squatting posture for driving. Sitting in straight, turn, slipping by, because squat effort in to save physical strength when should try to save. No matter which kind of pose, legs should always be clamped on both sides of the car, unless you have stuck out a leg support to maintain balance or in the air to make the difficult skills. Driving posture is to master the skills of other conditions, but also the most basic content.

Off-road motorcycle can be up and down in a certain slope slope, but there are many drivers think that doing nothing, in fact, the idea is unrealistic, often because technical immaturity and setback. But should be in accordance with the scientific method of repeated practice can master the driving off-road motorcycle technology.

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